- Intelligent Monitoring System


With our focus on the ammonia application process, aNH3 has made the next big move: Cab centered electronic monitoring of that process. You no longer need to strain your neck looking back at the gauge tree, you’ll have all the information right in front of you on the screen

The system consists of three main pieces:

The touchscreen pc, a fully functioning computer housed in a ruggedized metal enclosure, using a durable touch screen for inputs.

The spider is the hub of the information gathering system taking pressure and flow rate information from all the rows and feeding it to the pc. The spider is daisychainable enabling you to monitor as many rows as you wish to run.

The power supply and fuse box provide all the power needed for the monitoring of the system and it plugs right into your cab power supply.

aNH3 is dedicated to improving the efficiency of ammonia applications helping to reduce costs for the farmer by reducing the amount of ammonia used and minimizing the over application of ammonia which can cause nitrogen run-off.

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