- Model VRM - Variable Rate Manifold System


Our VRM system will simplify the precision application of liquid fertilizers. While designed for ammonia, these manifolds are also suitable for precision placement of other liquids. They are easily synchronized for multiple manifold systems using swath control. Protected by US Patent 8,622,253 VRN systems provide unparalleled flexibility including an almost unlimited number of rows for seeders and optional row shutoffs

aNH3 is offering two sizes of VRM: 6 rows plus one half row and 9 rows plus one half row. RowBots eliminate the central metering valve and move metering closer to the knives. The advantage being higher flow due to less gasification of liquefied ammonia and the benefits are:

  • Higher flow rates in cold weather.
  • More equalized control of flow rate through each knife.
  • Allows for row monitoring by measuring pressure.
  • Eliminates the need for gas-liquid mixing manifolds.

aNH3 is dedicated to improving the efficiency and reliability of ammonia application. Helping to reduce the cost of ammonia input for row crop farming by minimizing excessive application of ammonia which may cause a negative
impact on the environment.

Multiple VRM’s can be electronically daisy-chained together to work in unison applying identical flow rates.

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