Animal Manure Drying System


Global Resource Recovery Organization has developed the technology and processes a cost effective animal manure drying system. With site specific information, GRRO can provide solutions for the beneficial reuse, as well as volume and weight reductions of the manure. These reductions decrease transportation and application costs. This will aid the farmer and ranchers conform to the proposed US EPA CAFO manure management rules and regulations.

Efficient manure management can be accomplished with the Tempest Recycler Processor where the wet manure is directly removed from the holding facility and mixed with previously dried manure. The ratio of mixture is dependent upon the water content of both materials. The blended mixture is easy handled and can be processed in a highly efficient manner at high through put rates.

Processing the manure on a daily basis will drastically reduce the generation of anaerobic gases and the odor associated with them. The Tempest recycler will also eliminate the need for long term liquid storage of the manure and offset many of the requirements in the proposed US EPA CAFO rule concerning manure storage areas and conform to the zero discharge requirements.

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