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- Model HTS 11.04 - Universal Spreader



ANNABURGER universal muck spreaders – spread manure, compost and lime efficiently, evenly and in precise doses. The vehicle frame and body of the ANNABURGER universal muck spreaders form a single welded structure. This guarantees optimum stability and durability. The trapezoidal sheet metal side walls with a strong profile are lighter than steel sheet walls and ensure a high level of stability. This means that the universal muck spreaders have a low weight relative to the payload. The large container volumes in all performance classes guarantee a huge daily output. Featuring a large discharge opening in the spreading unit, combined with aggressive milling rolls, high tractive forces and the powerful scraper floor drives, the HTS universal muck spreaders have been specially designed for large application volumes.

Universal – designed for high annual utilisation

As a powerful and reliable manure, compost and lime spreader.

  • Ideally suited to spreading material of varying consistency with a broad spreading width of up to 24.0 m that ensures even distribution.
  • Accurate dosing is guaranteed by the hydraulic intermediate wall.

As a large-volume feed distribution vehicle and for feeding biogas plants.

  • A cross belt conveyor can be installed quickly and easily via the interface of the plate spreader.
  • Throwing distances of up to 3.0 m can be covered thanks to the hydraulic drive.
  • The conveying capacity between the scraper floor and belt conveyor has been designed for optimum performance.

As a powerful and cost-effective silage trailer.

  • The mechanical scraper floor drive discharges its load in under a minute.
  • The distributing device guarantees consistent crop discharge on the silo.
  • The machine can be set up extremely quickly using lifting gear.


Operational reliability thanks to technical stability.

ANNABURGER universal muck spreaders are equipped with a large number of safety and protective devices as standard.

A sturdy ladder frame with closely positioned crossbars makes the box structure particularly stable. The two or three double-stranded round steel chains and the welded-on U-shaped couplers ensure that the product is transported smoothly. The steel sheet or PE floor has a low frictional resistance, is extremely wear-resistant and is designed for high point loads.

The scraper floor is reversible, infinitely adjustable and equipped with a speed measuring system for setting the feed rate. It is also switched on and off automatically by a speed measuring system on the milling rolls. Overrunning clutches, chain couplings and free running clutches minimise overloads and potential crash situations. The suspended rear door lets foreign objects through without damaging the spreading unit. All cardan shafts and drives are generously dimensioned and satisfy all applicable safety and protection regulations.

ANNABURGER universal muck spreaders are DLG-tested, with guaranteed distribution accuracy in the longitudinal and transverse directions.

ANNABURGER universal muck spreaders guarantee the highest work quality. The intermediate wall with hydraulic height adjustment ensures precise dosing of the spreading material. The ejection angle of the spreading material can be set by adjusting the blades and the plate spreader can be quickly and easily adjusted to all spreading material.

In addition to the even loading, another highlight is the optimised distribution of goods on the distributing plates – the strike point can be adjusted at the rear door. The optional boundary spreading device ensures optimum distribution at the field edges.

  • Permissible total weight 11.0 t
  • Volume 10 m³
  • Box dimensions 4.6 x 2.0 x 1.0 m
  • PTO shaft speed 540 rpm
  • Scraper floor 2-row
  • Tractor power 90 HP
  • Chassis  Single-axle/  tandem chassis

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