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- Tipper Trailer

ANNABURGER Nutzfahrzeug GmbH could provide over 1,500 HTS Tipper Trailer to large farms and contractors in many European countries. Customers can choose between four performance classes, they have the ability to determine the appropriate mode for each vehicle size. Through a variety of special and additional equipment, HTS Tipper Trailer is suitable for transporting all pourable goods in agriculture.

  • all HTS Tipper Trailer have very strong frame and body structures, which are characterized by high operational reliability and a long operating life 
  • three chassis designs, matched to the specific application, provides a great mobility on paved and unpaved roads and on the field 
  • the bodies are made conical and thus allows for quick and complete reloading 

Used for grass- and maize harvest

  • through the use of silage attachments, the load volume of the Tipper can be increased by 20% for light crops 

  • the silage attachments are folded quickly and easily to the inside and kept in the body 

  • the roll sheet is high strength, very durable and suitable for long-term use 

Used for rape, cereals and grain harvest

  • HTS Tipper Trailer could be additionally equipped with a grain auger which operated hydraulically or mechanically 

  • a reloading performance up to 8m/minute realize an unloading time of 4 to 5 minutes 

  • the grain auger could be placed in a special stand after using 

Used for the transport of potatoes and sugar beets

  • while tipping the body a high angle of repose is caused by the high tipping point 

  • the large opening angle which is hydraulically operated prevents damage of the angle of repose 

  • a tarp protects the potatoes during loading and transporting 

Used for the transport of soil, gravel and debris

  • enormously stable and extra reinforced body construction for increased stability for the transport of soil, gravel or debris

  • is characterized by a tilting of the body independent open tailgate and the top horizontal cylinder which realize a huge opening width

  • has an additional cutting edge to the tailgate opening, which prevents the deposition of goods 

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