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- Model ATX80 - Anti Mould Product


ANTIMILDEW ATX80 is a new product with an anti-oxidation action, able to stop the mildew formation thanks to its indissoluble binding with the fat matter of the leather. That’s important to prevent the reactions that cause mildew formation and proliferation .

A advantages of ANTIMILDEW ATX80 is that it doesn’t damage the bacteria living in the waste water treatment plant because it doesn’t belong to biocide category.

Leathers treated with ANTIMILDEW ATX80 don’t develop any mildew and don’t give any undesired reaction (e.g. tio-groups return on the wet-blue).

From 0.1 to 0.3% on the base of the different applications.

120 kg in drums. 1000 kg in tank.

Best before
8 months for unopened packages

Store in a cool and dry place. Avoid inhalation and ingestion. Wash hands after use and avoid contact with eyes.

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