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Our AOS Filter combines powerful and safe oxidation chemistry with carbon filter materials to achieve outstanding water purification results. The AOS has been validated by researchers at the University of Alberta for its unprecedented decontamination and disinfection results, making it a leading cost-effective solution for the purification of contaminated water. The AOS Filter's potential has garnered significant financial support from multiple Canadian federal grant agencies, and has also spurred interest from industrial operators in the Canadian food production, agriculture and oil & gas industries. BioLargo's AOS Filter will soon be entering its pre-commercial pilot phase of development.

BioLargo AOS Filter led to BioLargo’s cofounding of an ongoing research chair to solve the contaminated water issues associated with the Canadian Oil Sands at the University of Alberta Department of Engineering with the top 5 oil companies in Canada, the regional water district, and various environmental agencies of the Canadian government.

Isan™ System Winner of a Top 50 Water Technology Award by the Artemis Project and a Dupont Innovation Award for its work in agriculture in Australia and New Zealand.

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