AP Machinebouw B.V.

- Multi Divider


The  AP multi divider is an affordable machine to divide several products with a constant spread pattern. This self-loading machine is suitable for the dividing of saw dust, sand, dried cow manure, compost, chopped straw etc. but can also be used to feed corn. here are several types, all suitable for front and rear attachment. The volume varies from 700 to 1300 liters; the width from 1250 to 2000 mm. The mounting plate on the machine makes the multi divider suitable for rear and front attachment. For front attachment the machine can be equipped with euro attachment or quick attachments for wheelloader or telescopic loader. If you want to use the multi divider behind the tractor a 3-point linkage will be mounted.

If you use the machine in the front of the tractor you only need one double functioning valve. For rear attachment your tractor must be equipped with two double functioning valves. If your tractor only has one double functioning valve the multi divider can optionally be mounted with a double functioning valve.

  • Can process multiple products
  • Constant spreading pattern
  • Self-loading machine
  • Suitable for front and rear attachment
  • Forced output on both sides
  • Only one double functioning valve necessary

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