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- Self-Propelled Sprayer


Simplicity and reliability Looking for a new Apache, you can see the simplicity of design of mechanical drive in comparison with machines equipped with complicated hydrostatic drive.

View from the cab

Cab Apache was designed by ET especially as cab for the sprayer and built a company specializing in the manufacture of cabs for combines and tractors to the leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery. Cubicle in combination with the hood of the new design provides unlimited review of the front wheels, allowing the operator to freely monitor the wheels at work on the rows. A large glass area lets you see the ends of the boom

Hydraulic suspension

The patented hydraulic independent suspension front and rear axles provides the smooth running machine. The suspension is equipped with stabilizer bar, the suspension is equipped with an automatic alignment machines

The frame design of Apache and beam front axle with suspension ensures continual contact with the ground all wheels. In addition, Apache has a limited slip differential, if needed, provide the wheels from locking and allows both rear wheels to rotate synchronously. Also important is the presence of the torque converter, which increases the load increases the engine torque of up to three times! In the sprayer Apache has 30% weight to the front wheels and 70% - on the rear. This allows the front wheels of the sprayer Apache remain on the soil surface, and back at full continuous contact with the ground pulling the machine, also on even on slippery ground.

In Apache sprayers used automatic gearbox with torque converter production PowerShift known companies International Transmissions and ZF. Advantages of using the gearbox with torque converter is the ability to start with higher transmission,

On the steep rise torque converter increases the engine torque, which allows sprayer easy to overcome the rise. Hydrostatic machines and machines with manual transmission did not have this capability. You can be sure - if the sprayer Apache was unable to overcome the rise due to slippage of the torque converter, this rise is not will leave none of the other sprayers in its class.

Is installed open and closed hydraulic system. Gear pump drives a hydraulic steering, and piston pump serves the rear suspension boom service and pump for the chemical


  • Adjustable width of track.
  • Spraying can be done with the partial decomposition of boom
  • The system of active washing tank
  • Premixer to fill the chemical

  • Fuel Capacity (Diesel) : 100 gallons
  • Axle Width : 120' fixed width axle, 120' - 160' adjustable axle width w/ optional hydraul. adjust
  • Suspension : Patented Independent Hydraulic
  • Brakes: Fully enclosed, self adjusting, internal wet disc brakes
  • Front Tires: Titan 380/80R38 (narrow and semi-float options available)
  • Rear Tires: Titan 380/90R46 (narrow, semi-float and full-float options available)
  • Transport Width & Height : 144' maximum each
  • Overall Length : 290' maximum
  • Et Custom Booms: straight 80', 90' or 100' and combo 60'/80' or 60'/90'
  • Product Pump: Hypro, hydraulically driven centrifugal product pump
  • Rinse Tank: 100 gallons
  • ET Custom Pressurized: 4-point fulcrum mounted cab with wrap-around glass, improved in- and out-of cab lightin and rear-hinged door

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