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- Model NG-273-1 - Mesh Road Trailers



This Apache trailer NG 273-1 has a bed size of 2700 x 1500mm (9ft x 5ft) with rear ramp. The 'mesh design' means that this trailer does not collect water and is extremely easy to wash down when used in the muddiest of environments. With its rear loading ramp, this trailer is ideal for transporting one or two quads, lawnmowers, other machinery or indeed a variety of other uses.

Apache Trailers are 'Made in Britain' you can be assured that you won't be buying an inferior Chinese import. The trailer is fully hot-dip galvanised steel throughout, including the mesh, drawbar and axle.

Recognising the diverse requirements of our customers, there's a wide choice of Apache Trailers to satisfy most requirements, all realistically priced to give you best value for money.

  • Size : 2700 x 1500mm (9ft x 5ft) Bed Size
  • Ramp : Large rear closing ramp
  • Floor : Mesh for strength and easy cleaning
  • Wheels/Tyres : R12 Wheels/Tyres
  • Suspension : Leaf Spring
  • Carrying Capacity : Up to 500kg
  • Finish Material : Hot dip galvanised steel throughout
  • Colours : Grey/Silver finish galvanised
  • Key Features : Easy to tow. Large closing ramp for easy loading/unloading. Suitable for a variety of uses including carrying Quads and ATVs
  • Important: : Please beware of the cheaper lower quality copies being sold elsewhere. These pictures have been copied by some unscrupulous stockists of the lower grade versions.
  • Part Number : Order trailer reference - NG 273-1
  • Lights : This trailer now comes supplied with lights as standard.
  • Optional Extras : We stock a range of general trailer accessories including lighting trailer boards; jockey wheels and spare tyres and wheels.

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