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- Model Tornado F2 - Dual Control System



Automatic blade control for two BULLSEYE laser receivers, or one BULLSEYE receiver with integrated blade tilt sensor Our Tornado F2 is a dual control system that can be used in Lift & Lift, Lift & Tilt, and Dual Independent applications. It can be installed on multiple pieces of equipment for maximum versatility and return on investment. 

  • Accuracy can be set from 0 to 50 mm. So, the advantage of high-resolution BULLSEYE receivers can directly be transferred to the hydraulics of your grading machinery.
  • Comfortable setting of center on-grade from the cab.
  • For coarse grading or in case of big elevation differences of your jobsite simply set a temporary offset on-grade from the cab.
  • Cross-coupling compensation actively stabilizes the blade and eliminates 'duckwalking' errors.


Complete hydraulic and electric kits are available for installation on different types, brands, and sizes of machinery.

We cooperate with partners that can do the hydraulic installation works, if necessary.

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