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AP auger buckets are allready indispensable in the cattle-breeding for years. The auger product is a product developed by AP Machinebouw; this made AP the first manufacturer to appear at the market with an auger bucket. Due to years of experience and intensive contact with the users, the AP auger bucket is still the best choice.

The models
One-sided releasing auger buckets, supplied with a screw pump with which the machine standardly releases at the desired side. Above the screw pump there is a rudder pump which prevents arching. This is driven by the screw pump. The transmission is within the bucket and is completely free of maintenance. Standardly equipped with a twofold manual operated control valve. Widths from 203 to 228 cm. Capacity varies from 900 to 1400 liters.

Double-sided releasing auger buckets, equipped with two screw pumps with which one can unload at the left as well as the right side. By using a control valve with internal series connection both screw pumps can turn at the same time. Standardly equipped with a three-fold manual operated control valve. At this valve both sections to control the screw pumps are supplied with a stop-motion linkage. The section for canting the bucket is spring return. Width from 178 to 253 cm. Capacity varies from 1050 to 1875 liters.

Auger bucket with mixing device
This system is based at the standard auger bucket. As well the mixing winder as the dividing pumps are hydraulically driven.  Thanks to a simple, robust transmission within the bucket the mixing winder turns at the same time as the screw pumps. This causes a good mixing (80%) of the feeding products. Widths from 220 to 245 cm. Capacity 1500 or 1600 liters.

Mixing auger bucket
The mixing auger bucket is a double-sided releasing machine which guarantees a perfect mixing of the feeding products. This very heavy machine is suitable to combine with tractor, wheelloader and telehandler. All types are supplied with electric control, cables and a control panel. Widths from 215 to 285 cm, capacity 1700, 2000 or 2500 liters.

Auger bucket for wheelloaders
The auger bucket for wheelloaders is a double-sided releasing machine, suitable for use with a wheelloader or telehandler. These very solid machines can be delivered in two types. The width is 255 cm, the capacity is 2000 or 2600 liters.

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