Model AP - High Pressure Hydraulic Coupling



Sprinkling irrigation and liquid and air transport systems with hydraulic coupling type High Pressure (AP) have one extruded aluminium pipe with male and female couplers smelted by gravity casting with aluminium alloy L-2520. The welding system is done by the MIG process.

The male part includes a ring assembly formed by two half rings and one steel handle.
The mounting is done by sliding the male inside the female till the two ends avoid sliding more. In these two endings it is where we mount the ring assembly, being at this moment the pipe locked.

Watertightness is obtained thanks to a double lip joint located inside the female, being the proper hydraulic pressure that makes the closing, that is watertight from 1 atmosphere of pressure onwards.

It is a system specially recommended to work with high pressures and with corrosive products, as the pipe life becomes longer due to the fact that its time that we close the pipe, the position of the pipe on the ground is different.

Functioning pressures are:

  • Working pressure: 15 atmospheres.
  • Service pressure: 20 atmospheres.

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