- Model BVC0411 - Bee Venom Collector



We have a few used bee venom collectors to sell. This unit have only been used under a few weeks and works as it should. The BVC0411 device has series of built-in protections and indications, making it easily usable and safe for bees. To protect bees, in a humid weather the device automatically reduces the current or even shuts itself down, to prevent unwanted damage to the bees.

During the active season, one bee family can provide from 0,2 to 1 gram venom per day. One device can be used on up to 2-3 hives a day. 

According to another study, conditions of short-term systematic electro-stimulation may lead to a stronger bee family, the queen lays eggs more intensively. 
More details can be found in the user manual.

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