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The Econo Feed Roller Mill is an economically priced mill for users who demand quality rolled feed for their livestock. The Econo roller mill is perfect for acreage applications, where a small number of horses, goats, elk, bison, wild boar, or sheep are kept. Small poultry operations may also prefer the smaller roller mill.

One of the advantages that the Econo roller mill has in this situation is that the feed can be ground fresh every day. And the feed is warm if it’s fed right away, an attraction on cold winter days. This mill will work with any feed you may be using. It will roll or grind wheat, barley, oats, peas, corn, or any other feed that you may use with your livestock. The mill introduces air into the finished product, so a 5 gallon pail of oats gives 7 ½ gallons of feed.

Cast iron pulleys are all guarded

The frame is solid welded, as opposed to bolted together. This gives additional durability, as there are no bolts to loosen through vibration. Frames are heavy plate steel – ½” to ¾ “plate depending upon the size of the roller mill. The frame is slotted for easy removal of the rollers. Most Roller mills require dismantling to remove the rolls. The Econo mill features 4 bolts to loosen, and the rolls, bearings and all just lift right out. Instead of a half day operation, the rolls can be removed in 15 minutes. Regrooving is a single day operation, if we’re given notice that you are bringing your rolls in for re-grooving. Most rolls can be regrooved 4 to 5 times, prolonging the life of the rolls and contributing to the economy of the mill.

The Econo model lives up to its name, with the availability of a 110 volt electric motor to provide power. It is also available with a 220 volt electric motor, or a direct PTO drive.

The rolls on the Econo Roller Mill are adjustable, so, for instance, processing chicken feed can be adjusted to just crack the kernel so you don’t get dust; same with bison and elk, where feed dust can also create respiratory problems.

The Econo Mill supplies efficient use of power i.e. not much power for good production capacities. All supplied motors are dust-proof, and all pulleys are guarded for operator safety. The mill also is portable, machines on wheels for large out of the way production where electricity is not readily available.

  • 8' diameter rollers for good capacity
  • Staggered height rolls to prevent chaff build-up in hopper
  • Heavy duty shafts and flange block bearings
  • Easily removable rolls for re-grooving
  • No need to remove bearings to remove rollers
  • Adjustments for changing type of rolled product
  • Automatic release if roll becomes jammed

  • Feed Roller Mill
  • Stand
  • Motor Mount
  • Drive Pulley
  • Magnet
  • Hopper
  • Motor is extra
  • Suggested power is 1.5 H.P. motor for capacity of approximately 50 bushel/hour of wheat
  • Larger capacity models are available in electric or P.T.O. drive

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