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With the growth of horse care facilities the Econo Roller Mill is playing a bigger part in horse health. If you are a horse trainer, you’re boarding horses, or you’re just a horse lover that has a horse or three on your own acreage, you’re probably concerned about the horses’ nutritional needs. An Econo Roller Mill can contribute to horse health by making grain more palatable and giving your horse access to the maximum nutrition that feed grain can deliver.

Better Horse Feed Results from Rolling Oats

The Roller Mill can make the grain more palatable to horses in the same way as freshly popped popcorn is more palatable than the Styrofoam-like product that popcorn turns into after a few days in a bag. Same thing with grain…freshly rolled grain can play a bigger role in horse care than the rolled and bagged product that you bring back from the Feed Store. The aroma is better and the taste is sharper. Try feeding horses fresh rolled and rolled and bagged feed side-by-side some time and see for your-self.

Crushing your own grain and then feeding it will result in more nutritional value getting to the horse. A bag of rolled grain fed out over a period of time will have considerably less food value after a few days. So it’s important to deliver the product fresh every day. The Econo Roller Mill can deliver as little as a five gallon pail of feed at a time, so freshness is not an issue, and the mill pays for itself in a short period of time, just because whole grain is so much cheaper to buy than processed feed.

Horse Nutrition Benefits as a Result of Rolling Oats

A second benefit of rolling feed daily is the access to nutritional food value that comes with cracking the hull of the grain. A horse can much more effectively digest rolled grain than whole grain and has access to a greater portion of the total nutritional value of the feed when the hull is breached. Grain that is consumed whole, with the hull unbroken, passes through the animal with little or no nutritional value realized.
Rolling the grain also leads to less wasted product because the grain is fluffed up and sticks to the animal’s mouth, rather than dropping off on the ground and being wasted. Rolling oats fluffs the grain and a 5 gallon pail of oats results in 7 ½ gallons of feed.

Acreage Owners Can Save Feed Costs with a Roller Mill

The Apollo Econo Roller Mill is an excellent mill for small producers and acreage owners that want high quality, palatable feed for their livestock. Roll fresh grain for your horses, poultry or any of your livestock. Why buy expensive bagged feed? With the reasonably priced Econo Mill, you can roll as little as a five gallon pail, or up to 50 bu./hr. And the machine is available in PTO or electric. For the bigger operation, the Sven Heavy Duty Roller Mill can be easily mounted on mix mills for custom feed mixing, not just for horses, but for all livestock that you are feeding. Apollo manufactures Roller mills in 10 sizes to fit every size operation.

  • 8' diameter rollers for good capacity
  • Staggered height rolls to prevent chaff build-up in hopper
  • Staggered height rolls also enable the machine to roll larger grain like peas and beans
  • Heavy duty shafts and flange block bearings
  • Easily removable rolls for re-grooving
  • No need to remove bearings to remove rollers
  • Adjustments for changing type of rolled product

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