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Apollo Machine and Products Ltd. is a manufacturer of superior grain mills. We've been in business for over 40 years and have existed as Apollo Machine and Products Ltd. since the 1970's. Although the Sven mill is designed primarily for grain, it can be used for a variety of functions including rolling corn, seed oil extraction, fertilizer grinding, peas, pulses, and in the micro-brewing industry. This feed mill improves feed efficiency. For example, lots of weed seeds get broken, so less germination after excretion. And it can also be used to roll fresh feed for chickens, horses, goats, sheep, elk, bison, poultry, wild boar, to name a few. It can even be stacked to roll finer products, like flour. Our innovative product line and expert craftsmanship have made us leaders in the industry


The rolls on the Sven grain mill can be removed in about ten minutes. The frame is slotted so you can lift the rolls out easily. This is accomplished by not having to remove the bearings or pulleys when re-grooving is required. B ecause the bearings come out with the rollers, simple release of 4 bolts, and the rolls lift right out. Ten minutes, as opposed to half a day. Most of the competitors' grain mills require that you literally take the entire unit apart, and new bearings are usually required when the rolls are regrooved.

Welded Grain Mill Frame for Stability

We weld and manufacture the frames for our grain mill from heavy plate, providing strength and easy maintenance. Frames are heavy plate steel – ½ to ¾ “ plate, depending upon the size of the machine.

Competitors bolt their frames together from light gauge metal resulting in difficult maintenance and vibration when the machine is running.

High Capacity Grain Mill

The Sven Roller has one roller mounted higher in the frame than the other roller. This gives better capacity because the product is fed directly into the rolls, and it also eliminates product from just laying in the space between the two rolls. Chaff and whole heads are processed through the machine rather than plugging it and grain is not bouncing from the rolls and slowing down the feeding.

The use of a large diameter roll in all machine results in more capacity, as opposed to most of our competitors which have rolls that are much smaller in diameter resulting in less capacity.

Instant Release Rollers Makes Cleaning Easy

There is an instant release roller that enables you in seconds to clean stones or debris from the space between the rolls, as well as a rubber cushion in conjunction with the instant release to stop damage being done in the machine if a bolt were to be missed by the magnet. The instant release used in our grain mill is an especially distinctive feature. Other mills require you to almost take the machine apart to clean it out.

The rolls are thick which allows them to be regrooved many times. By appointment we can provide a same day regrooving service. We also regroove and manufacture rolls for other makes and models, as well as for older machines of different manufacturers that are hard to get.

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