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It is a fact that automation can decrease the chance for human error, reduce labor and inefficiencies, and provide more consistent milking procedures. The combination of these benefits, all evident in the revolutionary Apollo™MilkSystem, can improve the milk quality in your herd and positively impact your dairy’s bottom line.

The Apollo™MilkSystem is an innovative, automated milking unit exclusive to GEA Farm Technologies. This first‑of‑its‑kind product incorporates patented technology to automatically apply post‑dip, through the head of the liner at the end of milking, and automatically backflush after detach — facilitating a superior milk harvesting process every time the cow enters the parlor.

With the Apollo™MilkSystem:
  • Teats are consistently and optimally dipped within the milking unit prior to unit removal.

  • Milking units are backflushed with a sanitizing solution after each use.

  • Exposure to mastitis causing pathogens is reduced.

  • Cows are milked with minimal stress in fewer manual steps.

  • Fewer employees are required in the parlor.

The results provide dairy producers:
  • Better milk quality and mammary system health.

  • Reduced labor requirements.

  • Increased parlor throughput.

  • Improved overall profitability.

Optimal post‑dip application

Post‑dipping cows after milking prevents bacterial infections and helps maintain udder health, but the dip must be applied properly. The Apollo™MilkSystem ensures that cows are dipped completely and consistently at every milking. The Apollo™MilkSystem applies post‑dip to each teat while the teat is still under vacuum and stretched out in the liner, optimally covering the teat surface with dip and sanitizing the area before it is exposed to the external environment.

This method allows the dip to penetrate into all of the folds and wrinkles of the teats, further enhancing the mastitis prevention benefits of post‑dipping. The amount of dip applied is also accurately controlled. This can reduce the total amount of dip used when compared to other methods. And, it ensures the dip that is applied is always fresh and free from contamination.

Automatic backflushing aids in mastitis prevention

Mastitis and disease‑carrying bacteria can be transferred from cow‑to‑cow through the milking unit. The Apollo™MilkSystem prevents the spread of bacteria through its automatic backflushing component. After the consistent and reliable post‑dipping of each cow, every milking unit on the Apollo™MilkSystem is automatically backflushed with a sanitizing solution after unit removal. Alternating water and sanitizing cycles with bursts of air creates powerful turbulence inside the teat cups and bowl of the milking unit, which greatly reduces the total amount of water required to effectively backflush; especially when compared to older, traditional backflush technology.

Backflushing reduces the risk of mastitis‑causing bacteria being transferred between cows and can also reduce the risk of subclinical mastitis, thereby improving overall milk quality and the mammary system health of your herd.

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