Model APS - Coulter Type Pneumatic Precision Seed Drill



It is a machine for sensitive seeding for sugar beets, sunflower, corn, spinach, soya, tomato, peas, cotton, water melon, onion, sugar melon, pumpkin at the requested sowing distances and on the requested row and intervals. It can be manufactured as 4, 5, 6 and 8 rows as per the request. The aspirator is hanged to the three-point hanging system and gets its drive from the tail-shaft. All of the sowing units are connected on the chassis via parallelogram system.On the front part of the each sowing unit is an adjustable soil scraper.

The sowing legs are manufactured at the Coulter type. The pressure wheels are existed right behind the units. The marker system is also available on the both sides of the machine.The marker operates automatically or with lift over the three-point hanging system.

The drive is transmitted over the right wheel via the gear-box group gears to the shaft; then to the units by means of shaft system existed on every units.

Fertilizer tanks are in 'V' shape, have sieves and fertilizer discharge levers for easy cleaning after sowing. Pneumatic seeder provides a sensitive sowing since it transfers the motion activity generated by the wheels, to the seeder units with the help of shaft allowing easy adjustment of over row distance. Thanks to these specifications, it allows sowing on all kinds of soil conditions and dropping fertilizer and seed into the equal depth.

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