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At the modern cattle breeding companies an AP silage cutter is almost a must. The assortment consists out of several models and measures, all developed for use in combination with power shovels, track loaders, tractors with or without front loader and tele handlers. The tempered V-shaped knives at the frond side guarantees tightly cut off silage which prevents over heating in the fodder. The knives amply cut over the tooth so the block is completely cut loose. This way the block does not have to be pulled loose which causes a 'beard'. Because the side plates and the front plate of the cutting frame are completely closed, spilling is reduced to a minimum. There are no parts sticking out of the side plates of the cutting frame, which can damage door posts, elevator walls etc.

The 4 models :


Series FL 
Developed to use with a front loader. The FL is wider than the tractor / front loader; this is possible because the weight of the silage cutter is lower. With this wide type one can cut tightly along the walls of the silo. By adjusting the block height and depth it is possible to cut large blocks even with a front loader. The silage block is less square, due to this the block breaks apart faster which allows the feed mixer to mix faster. Block widths from 100 to 240 cm, the block depth is 65 cm. The capacity varies from 0,46 to 1,09 m3.

Series NP 
Suitable for use in combination with front loader, power shovel and lifts. Block widths from 160 to 220 cm, the block depth is 85 cm. The capacity varies from 1,20 to 1,65 m3.

Series NT

The robust built silage cutter from the NT series lends itself perfectly for intensive use in combination with power shovels, tele handlers and in the 3-point linkage / lift of heavy tractors. Block widths from 180 to 220 cm., the block depth is 106 cm. The capacity varies from 1,9 to 2,3 m3.
Series NR

Because of his lare capacity, especially if this silage cutter is being used in combinaton with a large power shovel, the NR series is very suitable for daily, intensive use. Large block capacities, up to 4,6 m3.

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