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- Liquid Broad-Spectrum


Aqua Des is a liquid broad-spectrum strong disinfectant. Aqua Des is effective in all types of microorganisma (bacterias, fungi, viruses, parasites). The product is used in cold disinfection (CIP-, surface-, bath and fog).

Approved for use in aquaculture in Norway.


For bath disinfection of equipment

  • Bacteria and virus: 0,5%
  • Fungi: 4%

For surface disinfection

  • Bacteria and virus: 1,0%
  • Fungi: 4,0%

Recommended concentrations are with a minimum contact time of 30 minutes. Either fresh water or sea water can be used for dilution. Product in concentrated form: ph>1, density 1,1 g/cm3.

Remember: The key to good disinfection is good cleaning.

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