Aqua-garco is a naturally occurring mineral with uniform physical, chemical, hardness and microstructure characteristics, which provide the essential pro­per­ties for a wide variety of industrial uses. Aqua-garco is the compositional variety known as almandite. There are no free elements; all oxides are combined chemically as an iron-rich alumino­silicate, which has the formula: Fe3Al2(SiO4)3. Texturally and compositionally uniform in all sizes. All material mined from the same high-grade deposit.

Inert filter medium

  • as polishing layer (because of it’s high density you can choose finer sizes com­pared to Aqua-sand) wherever extremely high water quality is required,
  • for removal of suspended solids down to 1 µm,
  • for pre-filtration to protect valuable units like Activated Carbon Filters, Ion-exchangers and Reverse Osmosis Membranes,
  • in single-, dual- or triple-layer filter, combined with Aqua-sand or Aqua-cite or Aqua-sand plus Aqua-cite.

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