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- Model PC - Drip Tape and Dripline


The industry's only pressure compensating drip tape. Ideal for irrigating crops in difficult topographical conditions, areas of high wind where spray losses and poor uniformity would be unavoidable with sprinklers, areas with low or varying water pressure and installations requiring long lateral runs. Aqua-Traxx PC can put your marginal land to work or give you a dramatic improvement in EU (emission uniformity) resulting in tremendous economical advantages. Saves water, fertilizer, labor, energy.

Aqua-Traxx PC drip tape is a thin wall product with low flow emitters and a unique PC (pressure compensating) capability. An excellent drip irrigation choice for watering crops on sloping, undulating or flat terrain. For Aqua-Traxx PC design help, check out our AquaFlow 4.0 design software.

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