Ace Aquatec Ltd

Ace Aquatec Ltd

Aquaculture Dewatering System & Aquaculture Pumps



Fish are pumped either onto the dead haul vessel or from the live haul vessel to shore, or directly from your cages to the shore base using your existing pumping system. Fish are stunned directly in the transport pipe in either salt water or fresh water. There is no need to recirculate a separate water supply, and speeds are determined by your existing fish pump up to 50 tonnes per hour.

Fish are pumped into the stunning machine using your existing pump (twin vacuum, air pumpt etc) or brail net. A detwater attached to the tube removes the seawater or lake water. The stunner recirculates its own water supply using a small 2” pump (not supplied), thus controling the speed of stunning and water salinity. The fish are stunned in the machine and a de-waterer at the end of the machine removes the water and circulates it back to the start of the stunner.

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