Aquaculture/Fish Farming


The demand for fish as food is constantly growing worldwide not only due to the growth of the global population, but also due to an increase in individual consumption. On the other hand, as a result of over fishing, the natural fishing resources are decreasing. The rising demand for fish can only be satisfied by intensive investments in aquacultures or fish farming. The process water in aquacultures is increasingly re-circulated and purified with nitrifying biofilters. For an efficient nitrification 2H offers the BIOdek biofilm carrier material with different specific surfaces up to 800 m²/m³. Furthermore, the separation of sludge can be enhanced and made more economical with the 2H TUBEdek® lamella separators. A TUBEdek® installation results in plant with a small foot print compared to more traditional methods of settlement. Our long experience in biological waste water treatment and agriculture provides best advice for your particular application.

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