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Aquaculture/Hatchery Liners



MPC Containment’s Aquaculture/Hatchery Liners allow for a controlled environment to minimize disease.  The liner must not emit any harmful chemicals and in many cases, it must confirm to FDA or other stringent requirements and regulations.  The liner must have excellent puncture and tear resistance. The liner must be fabricated and installed so that it is watertight as preventing seepage can be a major cost savings.  MPC recommends Reinforced Polypropylene or PetroGard™ VI for these applications as they meet the criteria listed above.


Cedarville Hatchery cultures dozens of fish species for stocking in Maryland waters of the Chesapeake Bay.  MPC lined three fish production ponds using 45 mil potable water grade Hypalon.  These ponds are monitored frequently to ensure good water quality for fish growth as well as proper pH and dissolved oxygen levels.  Fish cultured at Cedarville Hatchery are used to satisfy various program goals including restoration of fish populations and enhancement of recreational fishing opportunities. 

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