- Detection and Separation Automatic System


AQUADEF is the first automatic system for real time detection and separation of fry that present malformations. This high-technology equipment allows determination of the number, average size and weight of fingerlings from different species in aquaculture, also allowing separation by size.

The main innovation introduced by AQUADEF in the aquaculture sector is the automation of the screening process, while knowing, in real time, the number and size of the fry population, so that morphological and biometric data can be better managed, all based on detailed reports generated automatically by AQUADEF.

Different AQUADEF prototypes have been developed over 4 years of research, thanks to engineering and machine vision experts and the collaboration with hatcheries and farms. Its evolution – as the final version now being commercialised – has allowed an improvement in the processes, presenting a new product which is an authentic technological revolution in this sector, which  elps to increase benefits in processes of the aquaculture business. VISIOFISH TECHNOLOGY offers AQUADEF, a system which, thanks to its novel and accurate inspection process of fry, provides substantial improvement in rearing techniques, increasing wellbeing of fish and promoting benefits for the company, as the return on investment happens in the short term.

AQUADEF incorporates an exclusive and novel, high-definition, high-accuracy inspection core based on state-of-the-art machine vision techniques. Image captures are performed by specific photosensors, combined with an integrated high frequency illumination system.

Analysis and decision-making is performed at the processing module run on a microprocessor, by means of dedicated algorithms specifically developed by engineers from our Machine Vision Department. An accurate combined hydraulics-pneumatic subsystem handles and separates the defective fry within AQUADEF.

In order to optimize the system functionality, a complete software application for control and management has been developed. The basic functions are supervision of each element integrating the system (with different levels of self-calibration and warnings) and a real-time display with data from the programmed tasks, such as counting fish at tank transfer processes, batch reception and shipment, biomass estimation, deformity identification in different batches, etc.

The results of these tasks are registered, together with all the information about measured and statistical parameters, at the AQUADEF hard-drives, permitting the storage in different formats (Excel, PDF, Word,...). Information can be retrived and displayed, exported – through Wi-Fi or USB memory stick) or printed as whole reports with integrated 3D graphics, enabling company customisation
(e.g. by adding the company logo and details).

In order to promote communication between company departments, AQUADEF can establish Wi-Fi connections with other devices such as printers, tablets, etc. (e.g. a direct connection can be set between Quality Department or the Management and the system AQUADEF).

AQUADEF implements different levels of operator access for each type of user. In this way, a person in charge can manage more information or greater operability than a rutine operator.

The main objective achieved by the AQUADEF system is to offer aquaculture companies the possibility of automating tasks and processes that have been done manually and with low accuracy up until now. It allows producers to gain knowledge about the exact number of fry, actual biomass estimation for each tank, and the precise percentage of fish with deformities. All this at a competitive cost, contributing to the optimization and best management of available resources.

  • Production processes automation
  • Human error suppression in fry screening
  • Highly-accurate detection of deformities Information on the exact number of fry in a batch
  • Know, in one single step and automatically, biometrical data, per individual and in total.
  • Sale conditions – number of individuals, sizes and quality – in commercial transactions are guaranteed.
  • Increase process speed: 5,000 fish/ hour.
  • Optimization and reduction of production costs – volume/area, feed,treatments, etc. – by separating unfit individuals at an early stage.
  • Minimization periods between rearing phases.
  • Automatic standardization quality control of fry production processes according to the customer’s needs.
  • Improvement of commercial stocks by minimizing undesired fry, not valid in further fattening stages.
  • Detailed and accurate reports with screening results, in an automatic and straightforward manner, by means of the advanced management software in the AQUADEF® system.
  • The final customer is offered a product which is guaranteed to comply with the AQUADEF® quality standard.
  • Low maintenance costs

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