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- Natural Choice for Vineyards and Orchards


Aqualine - the Jain Integral Emitterline is the natural and most economical choice for vineyards, orchards and row crops. Signature Aqualine (pressure compensating) and Traditional Aqualine (turbulent flow, non-pressure compensating) integral emitterline with its unique flow path, large multiple inlet filters offers superior clogging resistance for most demanding applications including poor quality and effluent water.

  • Wide selection of diameters and flow rates
  • Unique flow path design offers superior clogging resistance
  • Multiple inlet filters
  • Dual opposing outlets prevent clogging and/or back-siphoning
  • Extremely low flow variations
  • Integral emitterline offers lower frictional losses and allows longer length of run
  • Easy to install and easy to retrieve
  • Lower labor and installation costs
  • Enhanced water and fertilizer management
  • Suitable for both above and underground installation
  • Unlimited spacing options for design flexibility
  • Custom lengths manufactured as special orders to fit the field dimensions

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