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Aqualine FrøyaRing® cages can handle the enormous forces from mooring. Thanks to the stays used between the two plastic tubes the Aqualine FrøyaRing® cages consists of, the structure cannot lose its shape even in the event of the collapse of one of the tubes. The cage can withstand all the forces of nature in exposed locations. The Aqualine FrøyaRing® cages is made of flexible plastic and strong steel in a solid combination. A combination that means maximum escape prevention.

Strong and robust - simple concept:

  • adaptable to local conditions
  • double collar tube and handrail tube in PE 80/100 polyethylene plastic
  • fully-welded steel brackets attached with stays and chains around the full circumference
  • extreme loads from the mooring system are absorbed by customised mooring clamps and transferred to the full circumference of the cage
  • the steel clamps prevent ovalising of the collar tubes, retain flexibility and prevent the tubes from breaking
  • the nets are attached with brackets and ensure that load is evenly distributed throughout the structure
  • linings between clamps and collar tubes reduce friction
  • the collar tubes can pitch and yaw freely between the brackets
  • the collar tubes retain buoyancy even in the event of damage or puncture, as they are filled with polystyrene

The principle is simple:

  • The construction has double floating tubes and a hand rail made from PE 80/100 polyethylene plastics.
  • All-welded steel brackets are fitted with stays and chains all around the circumference. Extreme loads from the mooring are absorbed by the custom-made mooring brackets and are distributed further all along the circumference of the floating collar.
  • The steel brackets counteract ovalisation of the floating tubes, maintains the flexibility and prevents the tubes from breaking
  • The nets are fixed to the brackets and safeguards that the load is distributed all over the load bearing structure
  • Bushings between the brackets and the floating tubes reduce friction. The floating tubes move freely in the brackets, both in case of twisting as well as longitudinal motion. The hand-rail tube is also able to move freely relative to the brackets
  • In order to maintain the buoyancy in case of damage or puncture, both floating tubes are filled with polystyrene

Adapted to local conditions
Aqualine FrøyaRing Floating Collar may be adapted to all localities, from shielded locations to very exposed areas. You are free to choose the floating collar that is best suited to your operation and your area, to ensure that the investment is optimal.

We offer more than 100 certified floating collars with a circumference from 70 to 300 meters.

Dimensions of the floating tubes: ø 250, ø 280 mm, ø 315 mm ø 400 mm, ø 450 mm, ø 500 mm and ø 630 mm.

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