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The patented Aqualine Midgard System is a complete net cage system in which all components work together to protect the fish and personnel. Aqualine Midgard System is our biggest accomplishment so far. Years of determined work to find new and improved solutions within the cage technology has paid off, and the result is the industry’s first escape-proof fish farming system.

We have worked long and consistently to reduce the risk of escape and to find ways of improving working conditions for the personnel. We also explore solutions that make it easier to produce farmed fish in more exposed locations.

In addition to the work we do in-house, we have also worked closely with such industry leaders as Lerøy, Marine Harvest and Salmar on many other projects.

In 2012 and 2013 alone, we completed 3 model tests in the SINTEF Marintek Ocean Laboratory. These were important to verify the efficiency and safety of our current solutions, not to mention new products. Several full-scale tests have also been conducted, with excellent results.

The Mid-Norway Chamber of Commerce and Industry referred to Aqualine's work on the Midgard® System as part of the reason for awarding the company the title of Company of the Year in 2014, and in 2013 we were nominated for Aqua Nor's Innovation Award 2013. In April 2015, we won the NHO Trøndelag Innovation Award for the system.

Reasons for choosing the Aqualine Midgard®System

  • customised sinker tube with the correct weight and rigidity to provide optimum interplay throughout the net cage system
  • sinker ring suspended direct from net baseline rope 
  • lifting/lowering ropes completely slack and independent of the rest of the system and in no danger of coming in contact with the net
  • winch system for raising and lowering the sinker tube evenly around the entire ring and under full control
  • fast, efficient raising and lowering - at no risk to personnel

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