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Aqualine cages are available in a comprehensive range of models, thus being able to meet the requirements for any site. The models differ in the diameter of the double or triple floating pipes, which are made of high quality high density polyethylene.

Available models are with 250, 280, 315, 400, 450 or 500 mm pipes respectively. At least one pipe has polystyrene infill. With the increase in pipe-diameter,  the buoyancy increases and this allows it to make cages with a bigger  circumference, and to use deeper nets, giving more production-volume.

All Aqualine cages have the ideal combination of strength (steel) and  flexibility (PE-pipes). They have proven to be the best choice of cage-design  to cope with even the most severe conditions of wind, waves and current.

The special feature of all Aqualine-cages is the galvanized steel safety-chain which inter-connects the brackets.

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