Aquamatic Bucket Filler



With the Aquamatic bucket filler, you will always have a supply of ready-filled buckets for your flowers. Round buckets are quickly filled and easily de-stacked without any water being spilled. This user-friendly system combines well with various flower processing lines and bunching machines.

Unique benefits

  • Quick filling of multiple buckets
  • Accurate measurement of water and flower food
  • Easy switching between different sizes of bucket

Quick filling and de-stacking

The Aquamatic de-stacks and fills buckets quickly and easily with a capacity of up to 900 buckets per hour. There is no damage to the rims and used buckets are also de-stacked by the bucket filler.

Efficient processing

This efficient system ensures continuous processing within your business. The next bucket is already being filled and another is de-stacked as a filled bucket is removed from the transport conveyor. This makes unnecessary waiting a thing of the past.

For round buckets

The Aquamatic is suitable for round buckets of varying sizes. Need to change to a different sized bucket? Bucket size is easily adjusted with the push of a button, after which buckets are immediately positioned at the correct removal height and you can pick up the buckets from any direction.


Both control and operation of the Aquamatic bucket filler are so simple that anyone can operate the machine. A built-in measuring pump automatically adds the correct amount of flower food to the water, and you can extend the Aquamatic bucket filler with optional extras such as a litre counter or empty status alert to ensure it suits the situation in your business.

  • Maximum capacity: up to 900 buckets per hour, depending upon water quantities and pressure.

  • For round buckets, max. diameter 33cm

  • Automatic de-stacking

  • Bucket size adjustable electronically 

  • Includes an integrated measuring pump for flower food

  • Optional litre counter, compressed air support and empty status alert

  • In stainless steel or plastic

  • Automatic removal by transport conveyor (1 , 2 or 3 metres)

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