Realtime Aquaculture

- Model DO - Aquaculture Oxygen Sensor



Temperature and dissolved oxygen (DO) are critically important to optimize feeding and maintain healthy fish. Unfortunately, monitoring these parameters with existing solutions is very challenging. Traditional cabled solutions are difficult to install, prone to failure under rough seas and require expensive and cumbersome pen furniture to support them. The aquaMeasure DO has been designed to overcome these challenges. The world’s first optical dissolved oxygen sensor with realtime underwater communications, aquaMeasure has been designed for modern aquaculture sites. It is built in a robust package designed to withstand harsh water conditions. Measurements can be logged in internal memory and reported in realtime, and deployment is as easy as tying the sensor to a rope.

aquaMeasure is a family of compact, submersible environmental sensors with underwater and in air wireless communications. aquaMeasure was designed with a focus on what matters most, your data. By combining underwater communications with cloud-sync technology, aquaMeasure delivers a user experience that is intuitive and unique. Equipment that works, data where you need it, that's aquaMeasure.

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