Copper Free Cleaning Nets


The range of effective substances used in the aquaculture industry stems from the much bigger market for anti-fouling in the shipping industry. However, when a substance is going to be used to protect aquaculture nets, there are added considerations to be made with regard to the proximity of food production and the safety of employees.

Steen-Hansen has tested all substances permitted for marine use. In co-operation with Janssen PMP, Econea® has beenidentified as the best candidate:

A high level of effectiveness, a long protection time, and the fact that it is organically degradable, makes Econea®particularly suitable for use in aquaculture.

Combined with increased resistance to mechanical impact and an in-built protection against algae, Steen-Hansen’s copper-free impregnation products are a good choice for the future of aquaculture.

AquaNet Protect is a copper-free, Econea®- based product series from Steen-Hansen.

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