- Net Pens - Unique Containment System for Marine Aquaculture


The patented Aquapod is a unique containment system for marine aquaculture, suited for rough open ocean conditions and a diversity of species. The Aquapod is constructed of individual triangle net panels fastened together in a spheroid shape. Most Aquapod net panels are made of reinforced high density polyethylene with 80% recycled content and covered with coated galvanized steel wire mesh netting. Individual net panels or groups of panels are modified to accommodate other functions, such as access, feeding, fish transfer, grading, and harvesting. The Aquapod functions as a secure containment system for finfish while submerged or partially surfaced.

Net handling activities in present commercially sized fish pens are labor-intensive, require significant power and cannot be performed in strong seas and currents. The modular nature of the Aquapod solves this problem by utilizing individual net panels which are interchangeable and scaled to be handled easily either on the surface or while submerged. The balance of weight and buoyancy in the net panel materials makes each panel, weighting 40-50kg in air, neutrally buoyant underwater. These net panels are fastened together to form strong secure geodesic spherical enclosures, custom tailored to site specific hydrological and environmental requirements of deep water fish farms.

The use of wire mesh netting guarantees superior predator proof containment, greatly reducing the possibility of fish losses due to escapement.

Submersion: The Aquapod can be operated partially surfaced for ease of operations or fully submerged for storm and collision safety. Near neutral buoyancy of structural materials makes vertical positioning easy.

Fixed Volume: The Aquapod maintains its shape and volume in strong currents or under tow. Aquapod net pens are available in sizes from 115 cubic meters (8 m diameter) to 3600 cubic meters (20 m diameter).

Modularity: The modular nature of the Aquapod containment system allows easy inspection for net inventory control, containment quality control, and best management systems for marine net pens. Maintenance is very efficient and requires little or no diving time.

Predator Control: We use tensioned vinyl coated galvanized steel wire mesh for containment netting, guaranteeing superior predator control in areas where losses have made fish farming difficult.

Feeding: One or more panels in each Aquapod net pen is modified to receive and distribute hydraulically supplied feed from a centralized feed barge or boat. The rigid exoskeleton of the Aquapod allows easy attachment of any number of feeding ports and secures feed pipe installations at any location on the exterior of the pen.

Safety: The ability of the Aquapod to rotate within its mooring grid, bringing any segment of the pen to the surface or near to the surface, greatly reduces the amount and depth of diving needed to operate the pen and greatly facilitates cleaning.

Aquapod net pens are available in a multitude of sizes and price ranges. Ocean Farm Technologies works closely with our customers to provide efficient containment capacity for your growing needs, tailored for specific site conditions. Aquapod net pens provide superior containment value at a competitive cost. The total life cycle cost of any system includes capital cost, the cost of maintenance and the cost of operations including risk. Aquapod net pens are designed and built with close attention to minimizing our customer's risk and cost of ownership.

Aquapod net pen moorings are custom designed to meet your specific plan and site requirements. Pens can be installed with single or multiple point moorings and as individual pens or in grid formations. Deployment of Aquapod net pens is coordinated to accommodate the available infrastructure. OFT can provide onsite support to manage the installation process. Whether launched from a dock or a remote beach, OFT will help you put an Aquapod in the water when and where you need it.

Ocean Farm Technologies has assembled an experienced team of engineering and technical people who know about fish farming. We provide ongoing support to customers regarding feeding systems, installation of nursery nets, species specific habitat, cleaning, harvesting, and environmental monitoring systems for your Aquapod net pens.

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