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- Model B - Bacteria


The patented bacteria in AquaPro-B are selected for their ability to grow in fresh and salt water environments. They have been used in catfish ponds and shrimp farms to reduce the amount of accumulated organic material and to improve the aquatic environment.

Activation of AquaPro B is best done with aeration.

AquaPro B is a powdered product.   Available in bulk in 25 kg bags, our formulation contains two selected strains of bacteria, Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus licheniformis, at more than 4 trillion spores per kg of product plus nutrients that help kick start the product prior to addition to the ponds.    These bacteria are enzyme factories that will degrade many different substrates and do an excellent job degrading the organic sludge that accumulates in fish and shrimp ponds.   

This product is best used by activation.    Activation requires you to allow the spores to germinate into vegetative bacterial cells before you add them to the water in your pond, hatchery, lake, golf course, etc.    In ponds that are well aerated we suggest you consider using our products that are target for delivery to the pond bottoms.   More information is available elsewhere in this site.

Not all environments are suited for use  of this approach to  pond bioremediation.   Large ponds with limited areas of contamination are better suited for treatment with our EZ and tableted products. 

Our product contains much higher levels of bacteria than most competitiors products do and at a very competitive price, giving you a powerful product, highly effective at a reasonable cost.   The final cost depends of course on how much you use.   We make suggestions.  See publications page for details.  For come of our clients we can add different bacterial species.  All you have to do is ask for a custom formulation. 

One kg of AquaPro B contains a minimum of 4 trillion (10 to the 12th power) spores.  Typical competitive products contain no more than 1 trillion.  Our product costs less.   Inquire for quotes.

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