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A full scale family breeding programme including important traits like growth potential and feed conversion rate on all generations and breeding lines, continues to be the cornerstones in AquaSearch breeding programme. In combination with other breeding parameters and breeding tools, this means large genetic progress in every generation.

Meaning that the latest generation of selected AquaSearch FRESH brood stock fish will produce offspring with up to 6 – 8 % higher growth potential and significantly lower feed conversion rate than previous generations.

Fish farmers who desire to exploit this potential of the very latest genetic progress in the AquaSearch FRESH breeding line are offered to purchase eyed eggs from these highly selected brood stock fish under the product name: AquaSearch FRESH Unique.

AquaSearch FRESH Unique product line is characterised by:

  • Licensed specific disease free eggs
  • Guarantied* > 95% hatching
  • Unique low feed conversion rate
  • Unique high specific growth rate
  • 100 % all female material
  • Origin from the top 4 – 5 % selected brood stock fish.
  • Only 3 year old or older maturing brood stock is used.
  • High general stress and disease tolerance
  • Elongated body shape
  • Aggressive feeding in fry as well as on-growers
  • In addition to this only eggs from 4 or 5 year old second time spawners are offered as “Unique”, provided no other year classes or breeding lines outperform them

 AquaSearch FRESH Unique will be available only in limited numbers each season and within limited periods of the season.

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