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- Model ROE - Large Rainbow Trout



The culture of large rainbow trout for roe or “caviar” production is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to wild catches of various pacific salmon species. For maximum profitability in this specialized production, all female material is crucial. Maturing males produce no roe and the rapid quality and value loss of maturing males is devastating to any line of aquaculture production.

Secondly the fish must perform well with high growth rate and low feed conversation rate, preferably under fresh water as well as saltwater conditions. Thirdly the age of maturation plays an important role to the profitability of roe production in aquaculture. One – two year shorter production cycle with maturation the second winter will make a big difference.

AquaSearch ova is offering a specialized breeding line for the production of roe or “caviar” in aquaculture with exactly the above features: Aqua- Search ROE with 100 % all female material, fast growth and the majority of the fish maturing two year old under normal aquaculture conditions. AquaSearch ROE is currently available during the summer months only, but the availability period will be expanded to cover most of the year.

AquaSearch ROE product line is characterised by:

  • High egg hatchability
  • Low feed conversion rate
  • Extremely high growth rate
  • All females
  • Only 2 year old maturing brood stock is used
  • High general stress and disease tolerance
  • Licensed specific disease free eggs
  • Aggressive feeding in fry as well as on-growers

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