- Model TRIP - Saltwater



For the production of very large, sterile (never maturing) rainbow trout in salt or freshwater, triploid eggs based on AquaSearch SALT product line are offered. These fish will continue to grow throughout their lifecycle without the characteristics and setback of maturation, allowing the fish farmer to produce (almost) whatever size of fish he desires.

AquaSearch triploids are all produced by high pressure technology to reduce the frequency of deformities, otherwise seen in triploid salmonids, to an absolute minimum.

Fish farmers should be aware that triploid trout generally requires more stable oxygen conditions and slightly higher oxygen levels than conventional trout. Also the triploid trout is more sensitive to stress and handling especially in its later life stages. But if the fish farmer takes his precautions and respects the special requirements of the triploids, he will be rewarded with a fish that can be grown to very large size in excess of 8 kg in less than three years if conditions are right.

AquaSearch TRIP product line is characterised by:

  • Licensed specific disease free eggs
  • Guarantied > 90 % hatching
  • High documented triploid frequency
  • High growth rate
  • Low feed conversion rate
  • Elongated body shape
  • Aggressive feeding in fry as well as on-growers

Provided hatching technique and environmental conditions are not compromising the hatching in any way.

Aquasearch TRIP is produced by the order, on minimum 4 weeks advance notice, and during certain times of the year up to 8 weeks advance notice is required.

AquaSearch TRIP can be produced also based on SALT and MIXED strains. Please order well ahead of scheduled date of reception.

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