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- Fish Pens for Marine and Freshwater Aquaculture


AquaSpar fish pens help farm operators reduce the total cost of grow-out on low-to-medium energy open ocean sites and high current river sites. AquaSpar’s security and long service life allow capital costs to be spread across many years and harvests.

Proven Design
AquaSpar’s patented, spar-based design provides excellent sea-keeping abilities in open ocean conditions and through major storm events. AquaSpar pens are typically operated at the surface but can be fully submerged for safety and security during heavy weather. Capacity configurations are highly flexible, including rectangular or hexagonal water plane shapes, a wide range of volumes (up to 50,000 m3) and collapsible netting for volume changes during the grow-out cycle.

Efficient Operations
AquaSpar minimizes diver time and other operating costs associated with stocking, feeding, harvesting and maintenance. Taut netting panels allow easy cleaning through removal or the use of remotely operated cleaners. Support equipment such as feed hoses, harvest nets and video are tightly integrated with the AquaSpar structure to simplify operations.

Fish Health and Security
AquaSpar’s stable volume reduces fish stress and eliminates the risk of high stocking densities caused by pen volume collapse. AquaSpar pens can be submerged for long periods to avoid surface eutrophication (algal blooms). OceanSpar provides a wide range of integrated support equipment to efficiently manage mortality removal, tarping for fish health, and net cleaning.

Site and Species Adaptability
AquaSpar’s successful harvest history includes both warm and cold water species. AquaSpar can be adapted for flatfish or polyculture, and configured as a raceway in sites with predictable current flow. AquaSpar is also suitable for species requiring a large jump space, and is available in a wide variety of netting mesh sizes and strengths to match stocking sizes and species.

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