- Circular Plastic Aquaculture Cages


Seafarm Systems specialises in circular plastic cages, ranging from 30 metre circumference with 220 metre circumference being the largest to date. Our Aquasure seacages are located in over ten countries around the world. Their construction is designed to flex with the forces of the sea, providing a robust platform with easy access but with increased strength to withstand the rigors of more exposed waters.

Floatation collars ranging from 250mm to 500mm diameter are made from virgin HDPE pipe. Our unique HDPE stanchions have no continuous seams or joints and are designed and rotomolded in our factories. A number of different styles of stanchions are available to suit individual sites, species and farmer requirements. These unique stanchions mean we can personalise seacage design to include equal or differential flotation, net hooks, bird pole brackets, walkways and other extras to suit our customer’s needs. We can also supply steel stanchions, bird pole supports and mooring points as required.

AquaSure seacages will not rust, rot or be attacked by marine organisms, and there are a number of our cages that have been in continuous use for over 20 years. AquaSure cages are perfect for rough sea conditions as they have the flexibility to withstand extreme weather

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