- High Density Polyethylene Boat (HDPE)


AquaTruck workboats are designed to work in the harshest conditions. The all High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) extrusion welded material is exceptionally strong.  All hulls are fully framed and ribbed providing a strong rigid platform and it is not affected by saltwater, oil or fuel.  It won’t rot, rust or be attacked by marine organisms.  The all black material has UV resistance to give an extended lifetime. With foam filled pontoons, a parent material that is lighter than water and numerous bulkheads, the AquaTruck is virtually unsinkable. The hulls are very manoeuvrable and offer a soft, quiet and dry ride. Aquatrucks offer unique stability with even the smallest vessel staying completely stable when you stand on the pontoons. These features make the AquaTruck highly sought after when the sea conditions get rough.

All AquaTrucks can be customised to your needs. A range of single or twin motors can be adapted to any AquaTruck. On-deck equipment such as small cranes and capstans can be supplied and installed if required. Outboards, inboards, jet, diesel or petrol motors are easily installed.

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