- Automatic Cleaning System



With less energy consumption, it reduces the risk of disease outbreak from the most common pathogens in Chinese aquaculture. AquaWorker uses a patented, stronger UV technology, Wallenius AOT. No matter season, AquaWorker increases survival in all breeding steps, hatchery, baby-fish, grown out fish, by disease control in water tanks. For minimising maintenance AquaWorker can be fully automated with an optional cleaning-in- place technology.

Technical specification

AquaWorker is made of corrosion-free titanium and with marine compatible materials for a long service life.

With few moving parts and with the add-on automatic cleaning system for the protective quartz-sleeves, service and maintenance will be reduced to a minimum.

Powerful, patented technology – Wallenius AOT

  • An advanced combination of UV and oxidation technologies
  • Chemical-free – safe for fish

Lower cost

  • Low pressure drop
  • Low energy consumption
  • Efficient UV lamps – equally efficient in cold and warm water

Reliable operation and easy maintenance

  • Marine compatible materials – long service life
  • Few moving parts
  • Optional automatic cleaning system


Water disinfection solutions for salt and fresh water aquaculture - For intake water and recirculation systems (RAS) - Improved water quality – increased profitability

  • Protects fish against diseases

  • Clean and clear water – less stress for fish

  • Higher survival rate

  • Higher density

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