- Water Dispersible Liquid Sedative for Finfish



AQUI-S 10 is a water dispersible liquid sedative for finfish, crustacea and abalone. AQUI-S 10 has been specifically formulated to assist with live animal transport. AQUI-S 10 does not require a stock solution to be made and can be added directly to the water column.

Sedating fish with AQUI-S 10 prior to and during live transport will minimise physical activity by the animal, reduce the metabolic rate and mitigate the stress response by minimising the release of stress hormones.  Consequently fish have improved condition and survivability after transport.  The major market for AQUI-S 10 is currently throughout Asia where significant quantities of live ornamental fish are transported for in excess of 30 hrs to overseas markets.

Most fish management practices require an AQUI-S 10 concentration of between 75 and 150 ppm in an immersion bath to achieve suitable sedation levels. For most live fish transportation situations an AQUI-S 10 concentration between 25 and 50 ppm is suitable.

  1. Specifically formulated for live fish transfers
  2. Fish have a fast recovery from AQUI-S 10
  3. AQUI-S 10 has a wide margin of safety. This means that fish can remain in the treatment water for relatively long periods of time without fear of mortalities.
  4. AQUI-S 10 can be diluted directly in water (seawater or freshwater). It does not need to be made into a stock solution or require the use of hazardous solvents.
  5. AQUI-S 10 is cost effective to use for transporting fish. Typical costs for use during live transports vary from 0.003 to 0.006 US$/L of transport water.
  6. AQUI-S 10 is gentle and humane in action.

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