Model AR 3W - Self-Propelled Three-Row Trailer Harvester



This Ploeger self-propelled three-row trailer harvester owns the future. The trailer harvester has a long chassis with unprecedented sieving capacity across the machine’s whole width and length. Due to the long chassis and the specially-designed unloading belt the drop heights are reduced to a minimum. The result is unmatched harvesting and cleaning capacity with minimal damage to the product. Also, the open chassis gives the driver a perfect view of the harvesting operation. The Ploeger range of self-propelled potato harvesters has been developed with complete attention to the customer’s wishes: economic advantage through scaling-up, an increase in the net yield and in the harvesting capacity. This allows the achievement of an optimum result.

  • Savings on maintenance costs and servicing through the machine’s simple, accessible and open structure;
  • No diabolos = less compression = better sieving capacity;
  • Minimal drop heights guarantee high quality of the harvested product;
  • Flexibility through the choice from a wide variety of cleaning modules, so that the machine can be adapted to the end-user’s specific needs;
  • Slip-free drive to the sieving webs with polyurethane drive cogs;
  • Multiple cleaning systems;
  • Modern, modular construction and easy assembly;
  • Continuous harvesting through buffering
    option (2.5 m3);
  • Handy, manoeuvrable machine: the forward steering range is 48 degrees and the rear 18 degrees.

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