- Stubble Cultivator



It has a large usage alternatives on soil processing especially for seed bed preperation and stubble processing. It decreased the product costs by its combined design.Requested soil processing quality can be reached if it is worked until 15km/h according to soil conditions.The high working capasity brings low costs and low fuel. 510mm notched discs had been tied to frame with rubber roll springs.Adding the soil and the plant parts to the soil by crumbling can be done in a high performance by this structure. It is an ideal machine for minimum soil processing that becomes important in the last years. It is possible with this machine to mix by crumbling plant parts in the best way and to become useful faster for the plant , consequently to bring in biological balance of the soil again.You can see these differences in the next production season.

Rubber Sprung Tine
Rubber battens with 40mm diameter that is used on tine linkages provide the discs to spring at the vertical way. This vibrant movement of the disc raise the smashing effect of the soil.

Battery Mark Adjustment
Rear discs make processing from directly middle of front discs for maximum smahing. Processing row distance gets 12cm. This setting can be made by gliding the front battery to right and left side.Optimum smashing and processing are provided acording to characheristics of the soil and the working depth.

Easy Working Depth Adjustment
Working depth can be adjusted by changing the height of roller with hydraulic. Stroke delimiter clips are used for fixing the adjustment to any measure.

Strong Disc Bearings
Every disc had been disposed to special design sealed bearing chassis with 2 conic bearings. The disc bearings do not have to be greased which reduces downtime. This ensures lower maintenance costs .

Sprung Harrow
As optional, sprung harrow can be fixed between the discs and the roller. Smoother and smashed field surface can be provided especially for preparing team bed with the sprung harrow. Then the seeder works without a problem.

Side Plates
Closes the line which becomes by the right end disc. It can be adjusted in 2 ways according to soil conditions and working speed.

Aragon XL
Aragon XL with 9 mt. wide working width ensures high work rates , low fuel consumption , easy maintenance and less wear costs to the farmers. Ideal for heavy crop residue and breaking pasture land. It delivers intensive , uniform mixing and crumbling in one pass - even in heavy soil - making it an ideal primary tillage machine.

Cracker Roller
Cracker Roller which is composed with 5mm width discs provides to restructuring of soil top layer by smashing and grinding. The germination and the touch with the soil of the seed become easier. Cracker roller ensures consolidation in strips, promoting water absorption and soil respiration. Ideal for stony , damp soil conditionsand big quantities of organic material.

Helix Roller

  • Self-cleaning effect due to the vibrating leaf spring.
  • Consolidation with high mixing effect.
  • Levelling capacity which is supported additionally by intermediate springs.

Rubber Roller
Best for light and medium soil conditions. Doesn't effect by stones. Provides good consolidation .

Cage Roller
Levelling and better smashing can be provided by the roller which is designed from 580mm diameter and 12 pieces Ø 34mm pipes.It works without an obstruction and also a problem.

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