Vivers JM Vidal, SL

Vivers JM Vidal, SL

- Model IRTA i-18 - Olive Tree


The olive variety ‘Arbequina IRTA i-18’ is a clone obtained from the IRTA, as a result of clone selection of the variety “Arbequina”. – Has varietal health and security, certified by the Dept. of Agriculture, Food and Rural Action of the Generalitat of Catalonia. Very productive variety which has early production and low alternation. It’s considered to be rustic, frost-resistant and adaptable to different climate and ground conditions.  Very adaptable to intensive and high density plantations. Its semi straight transportation eases the formation in the central axis. It produces medium-fruit virgin oil which is balanced on the palate and highlights the sweet attributes it has, something much appreciated by new consumers. It can be marketed as a single varietal or blended with other oils.

According to IRTA, the ‘Arbequina IRTA i-18’ offers:

  • Early aging and major production per tree.
  • Plantations with greater uniformity.
  • Better adaptation to the kerb formation system and the semi-straight transportation which eases mechanical harvesting.
  • Oils which are richer in oleic and are more sensorial balanced.

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