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JRS has united a number of different functional cellulose products under the ARBOCEL brand that are used in many important industrial sectors. These include functional cellulose fibers, cellulose additives, powdered cellulose, fine cellulose, micronized cellulose, cellulose compactates, cellulose powder, cellulose flour, cellulose granulates, cellulose mixtures, cellulose compounds, cellulose derivatives, CE, MC, HPMC, cellulose gels, cellulose wadding, cellulose insulation materials and a lot more besides.

As a manufacturer and systems and technical partner, JRS offers a unique combination of technology and know-how in the field of functional cellulose – as a solution provider with extensive functional know-how, expertise in applications, specific raw material selection, application support, metering and conveying systems as well as global QA and logistics support.

Cellulose is obtained from a wide variety of sustainable, plant-based raw materials.

JRS makes the many functional properties, which nature has created in the plant world, accessible to almost all sectors of modern industry.

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Fields of application for ARBOCEL’s functional cellulose:

Fast, efficient planting. Hydroseeding is used in road construction, horticulture and landscaping. The principle has been copied from nature.

Asbestos substitution

Functional cellulose fibres as a replacement for materials which are classified as dangerous, such as substitutes for asbestos.


Easier, functional, recyclable - ARBOCEL fiber additives, cellulose fibers and fine cellulose products take these claims into account   - in novel material, component and manufacturing processes.

Construction chemistry

Functional cellulose fibers for chemical construction products, such as smoothing compounds, fillers, tile adhesives and plasters.   Dispersion-based and mineral systems, bituminous applications.


As a competent and technology partner with regard to functional plant fiber applications, we are an intermediary between the worlds of industrial applications and the many good ideas which emerge from the functional wealth found in nature.


Today, enzymes are used in many areas of modern life. Amongst other things, enzymes are used in laundry detergents, animal feed and for the manufacture of bioethanol.


Powdered cellulose is used as an economic, inert carrier material in tabletting and capsule filling. ARBOCEL powdered cellulose improves tablet hardness and disintegration time – also, in combination with VIVAPUR MCC.


Highly pure, odourless and natural fibers which are neutral to taste are used here from specially prepared quality cellulose material. Mechanically and chemically very stable, insoluble in almost all media and virtually pH-neutral. The organic, highly efficient alternative to diatomaceous earth and Pertite.

Innovative applications

JRS transforms functions from plant-based raw materials into industrially utilizable functional additives and semi-finished goods. These include cellulose fibers, cellulose additives, fine cellulose products which satisfy various parameters.

Innovative materials

Innovative materials need functional ideas. ARBOCEL cellulose additives, cellulose fibers and fine cellulose products open the door to a new dimension in application technology.

Diatomaceous earth replacement

ARBOCEL cellulose fibers have established themselves as equivalent if not superior in technical functional solutions in many industrial applications. The exclusion of health hazards and/or complete recyclability makes JRS cellulose products the ideal 'green' replacement for diatomaceous earth.

PUR synthetic leather

ARBOCEL micro-cellulose is used to achieve leather-like properties, a beautifully smooth surface and to optimize production costs.


ARBOCEL fibers and additives provide the modern plastic’s industry with innovative functional performance.

Paper and cardboard industry

Functional ARBOCEL process fibers and fiber additives for the paper and cardboard industry.

Cleaning agents

ARBOCEL celluloses serve as toxicologically safe active ingredient carriers and also bind dirt particles.

Welding electrodes

ARBOCEL cellulose fibers are used for coating high-quality welding electrodes and serve as process fibers, as well as protective gas-formers, when using these electrodes for welding.

Road construction

Cellulose-based products:
Innovative and proven concepts and products for forward-looking, sustainable asphalt road construction.

Animal nutrition

ARBOCEL raw fiber sources for modern animal nutrition - highly functional, healthy – and scientifically proven!

Veterinary medicine

ARBOCEL powdered cellulose makes perfect mixtures for capsule filling in veterinary medicine possible.

Carrier materials

Cellulose capillaries absorb liquids. Cellulose is used as a carrier for solids and liquids, and is thus a starting material for many innovative processes and product applications.

Thermal insulation

ARBOCEL Climasafe insulating cellulose - the sustainable, highly efficient cellulose insulation material for environmentally conscious new construction or renovation projects.

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