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- Model ECO - Binding Machine



Its small size means it can be installed singly or in pairs on packing line, taking up a minimum of space.This very narrow binding machine can also be used 'solo' on small product.Uses calibrated elastic. Makes knots without diameter restriction. Binds without damaging the product. Binds properly without wasting string thanks to its patented system. The binding machine “ECO” type can be installed as a single tool or integrated into a bunching line.

Product descriptions :

  • Small sizes
  • Exists in right- or left-hand versions
  • Available in 170 mm or 100 mm capacities
  • Knotting time : 0.44 s or 0.66 s
  • Weight :
    • 170 mm capacity : 33 kg
    • 100 mm capacity: 31 kg
  • Power supply :
    • 230 VAC single phase
    • 100/110 VAC single phase
  • CE conformity
  • Possibility of compatibility with UL/CSA standards

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