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Ardisam Earthquake Two Stoke Auger Ardisam Earthquake is the largest manufacturer of earth augers in the world. With the E43, you can drill deep into the earth in just seconds. The solid steel, heat treated alloy gears provide maximum power with little maintenance. The handles are coated with a high tech anti-vibration foam to provide comfortable handling.

Solid steel, heat treated alloy gears.

Large Selection of Earth Auger sizes
Ardisams extensive range of Auger sizes 2 to 10 inch.

Exclusive 'Shock Absorber' Auger
Ardisam's unique 'Shock Absorber' design (as featured on 15cm/6', 20cm/8' and 25cm/10' augers) protects both the operator and gear train from the damaging forces of embedded rocks, roots and obstructions.

  • Engine Viper 2 Stroke
  • Power 43cc
  • Gear Ratio 30:1
  • Auger Speed Max 250 rpm
  • Working Width 2 to 10 inch
  • Weight 8.6kg

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